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Utopias sulfúricas: arquitetura higienista e imagens da contaminação no contexto da peste bubônica (1900-1930)

O Programa de Pós-graduação em Design da Universidade de Brasília recebe Christos Lynteris, professor do Departamento de Antropologia Social da University of St Andrews, do Reino Unido, no dia 3 de setembro, às 18:00, para a conferência: ‘Utopias sulfúricas: arquitetura higienista...

Jan Sieber in memoriam

Jan Sieber geboren am 25. Mai 1982 in Oldenburg, gestorben am 22. Mai 2018 in Berlin Ein Nachruf von Irving Wohlfarth (Paris/Bremen) Es war wie eine Szene aus einem Wild-West Film. Am Rande einer Konferenz von Nachwuchs-Benjaminianern, die im Sommer...

Workshop “The Tradition of the Oppressed”

Drawing on Benjamin’s reflections on the “problem of tradition,” this workshop seeks to challenge our notions of heritage, political legacy, and historical consciousness. How can the experience and tradition of the oppressed be narrated without relying on narratives? What is the fragmentary medium of this transmittability and how can we rethink the concept of heritage if the latter is not limited to official historiography of those who have been and are in power? Who are the oppressed today? Is there a non-space, a utopos, which can articulate the discontinuous tradition of the oppressed?

11-13.02.2016 CfP Tagung: philosophische Anthropologie VS kritische Theorie

Mensch und Gesellschaft zwischen Natur und Geschichte: Zum Verhältnis von Philosophischer Anthropologie und Kritischer Theorie Eine Tagung am Institut für Philosophie der Universität Potsdam in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Philosophie der Freien Universität Berlin Ort: Universität Potsdam, Institut für...

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